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Innergold was founded by Gordon S. Bruin in 2004 to offer therapy mainly to those dealing with addiction and trauma related issues. After finding amazing success teaching his clients to manage addiction and the effects of trauma, Gordon decided to create a comprehensive course so that he could go from helping hundreds, to thousands. He consolidated all his research and findings into a book, workbook, and now a full video course to offer you the same information he's been providing to his clients for over 12 years.
We change lives. We offer a full online video course for addiction recovery and trauma healing. We provide this confidentially, in the comfort of your own home. Innergold: Recovery Simplified is the best addiction and trauma resource out there. The first step to overcoming addiction or managing trauma is understanding it for what it is. We educate people in the science behind trauma and addiction and help them find the path to lasting sobriety and recovery
Addiction damages relationships, destroys self-respect and leaves people feeling empty and unfulfilled. Trauma can emotionally immobilize a person and lead to anxiety, depression and addiction. We've seen the Innergold System help people manage their addictions and reclaim their lives from traumatic experiences. Our mission is to bring people out of the fog and darkness that addiction and trauma create.

Gordon S. Bruin, M.A., L.C.M.H.C

Founder and President of Innergold Counseling Services Inc.

Gordon, an American Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor, specializes in the treatment of addiction issues. He is the founder of Innergold and author of Recovery Simplified and its accompanying workbook.

Gordon is the Clinical Director of The Younique Foundation (, which supports and assists survivors of early childhood sexual abuse to begin the healing process through their Reclaim Hope initiative. Gordon also helps lead the public dialogue in the Defending the Innocence of Children message.

Gordon is a master educator and has helped many individuals find hope and reclaim their lives by teaching them to understand the Why of addiction in powerful, yet simple terms, and then what to do about it.




American Board Certified Professional Counselor – Fellow Status

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Certificate in E.M.D.R therapy

Graduate ATTC Leadership Institute

Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology, John F. Kennedy University 1994

Certificate in Addiction Studies, John F. Kennedy University, 1994

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